About us

Bindoop was founded in 2017 by a couple who is enjoying to travel around, to meet new people, to seek new places and to explore everything. All the above are made on our spare time, on the rest time we live normally and work in business sector offering our services.

According to our routine and living in a big city we realized that everything is in a hurry and if we want to follow the “rhythm” we have to do many things in a less time, which means we have to carry a lot of things with us to overcome every situation.

Unfortunately all the above things had to be with us with secure and in organized way but nothing were fulfilling our criteria. So on, we decided to look away, to seek better solutions and after our exploration we found out that many people had the same issues with us, so we decided to offer them our findings.

This is our little story, behind our e-shop, we are seeking qualified backpacks that cover every situation. Teenagers can find their backpacks for their school, businessmen for their job and travelers for their travels.

Our common is the backpack, and everything that suit in it, you can find on our e-shop everything you need to organize your staff even it is your cables for your laptop or your accessories for your trip.

Feel free to find your next backpack, there are so many, USB Backpacks, Laptop Backpacks, Camera Backpacks, Travel Backpacks and more, find yours now!!!

Bindoop Team