Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

We believe that our customers must be treated the same, but we want to reward the customers who frequently make purchases by us. For this reason we have a loyalty program for them, offering rewards, coupons, discounts for their next orders and many more.

Reward Points (RP)

For your next orders, we offer you discount based on your RP you have collected, for simplicity we offer 1RP (Reward Point) for every Euro you spend on our store, for instance if you get a product for €50 then you will gain 50RP that can be used as discount for your next order.

Reward Points Discount
100 10%
200 20%
300 30%

Each discount is offering for next orders and each customer will be informed about his Reward Points.


Except the RP Program, we are offering personalized discount coupons to our customers, you can get one on your birthday, on your name-day, on holidays, or whatever out team thinks it is necessary. :-). Keep in mind that you are not able to ask for a coupon, it will be a gift for you, and you are not able to ask discount coupon on your birthday if you are a new customer, or if you don’t have set your birthday on our database :-).

Social Media

In our age, everyone is on our hand, so we!! We use social media to inform you about our new products and furthermore to inform about our offers, follow us on Instagram or Like our page on Facebook, to gain more coupons and offers, for new and old customers.


BOGO means Buy One Get One, so simple!! You make now a purchase and you can another product on discount, for new and old customers!